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Learn how to read music and play piano much faster than the traditional method using a combination of apps, practice techniques, and constant monitoring throughout the week. Start your first month of piano lessons for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a music school?

No. I’m a pianist and an app developer who will use his deep knowledge of learning methods to help you learn more effectively and keep you happy. I will give you private piano lessons custom-made for you!

What ages do you teach?

8 to 80 years old! Age isn't important. What’s important is your love of music and your openness to try something new :-)

Do I need to own a piano?

Not initially, no. I will give you finger exercises to do on the mirror as well as apps to practice with on the iPad. If you don’t have a piano, we can do 2 half-hour sessions per week instead of 1 hour per week. You can keep practicing this way until you‘re comfortable enough to invest in buying a piano.

How much does it cost?

The 1st month is free. After the 1st month, we can decide on the payment method. I’m flexible. The important thing is for you to learn and be happy :-)

Where are you located?

Piano lessons are in Souk El-Zalka. It’s very easy to find. Call me for more details.

Can I have an introductory session before we start the 1st free month?

Of course! Come for a visit and I’ll introduce you to my unique teaching method as well as play you a piece on the piano to encourage you to learn it. Call me and let’s set up a meeting.

Start your 1st month of piano for free!

Call 70-154548